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Electric ARC Spraying

High performance electric arc spraying with process controlled pistols (TAFA).

Innovative technology with diverse possible uses: During
electric arc spraying procedures, surfaces are sprayed with electrically conductive metallic materials to produce a permanent coating.The areas of application of the wire injection technique using electric arc spraying are for example protection against corrosion
and wear, surface repairs (to balance out irregularities),
preparation of surfaces and materials for further processing (establishing adhesion), or fi nishing materials which cannot be galvanised – i.e. also CFRP.

The electric arc spraying procedure provides numerous advantages,
which contribute to the high quality of our solutions
and products:

  • Precise, quick, effective and effi cient coatings
  • Production of very hard surfaces (hardness grade 65-70 HRC)
  • Coating thicknesses from 0.2 to 10 mm possible
  • Repair measures

How electric arc spraying works.

With electric arc spraying, an electric arc is ignited between two wire shaped materials at high temperatures (around 4,000°C). The wire tips melt and with the help of atomising gas (e.g. nitrogen or argon), the material is blown directly onto the prepared surface of the work piece. If tubular wires with ceramic or carbidic fi llings are utilised, the procedure can be used to produce hard coatings.