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Equipment for the printing industry

If it is about “printing business related” products ordered in special quantities and therefore under special
conditions, we are the correct address, too. The same quality standards that are true of our core
business, the cylinder technology, also apply to the equipment. That is why that you can trust on TZT
quality concerning mechanical engineering and the sales of chemicals for electroplating.

We manufacture for you:

  • Gears of all kinds, particulary those corresponding with the circumference of the cylinder
  • Races: hardened inner races and spacer rings of the most different dimensions
  • Precision turning, milling and grinding
  • Chemicals: silver separating liquids, hardener additive, dechromium concentrate
  • Electrolytic copper clippings and nickel pellets
  • Measuring devices for the graphic industry

Let us know what you need for trouble-free manufacturing. We would like to assist you!